Discover the Diversity of Cerdanya: Beyond Skiing

La Cerdaña is a treasure of possibilities that invites relaxation, adventure and delight. In our modern and central hotel, the Hotel Terminus in Puigcerdà we offer you the perfect starting point to explore not only the beautiful capital of Cerdanya, Puigcerdà, in a comfortable way, but also to immerse yourself in the wonders of the so-called “Catalan Switzerland”. .

Discover the Authentic Cerdanya

Although most associate Cerdanya with alpine skiing, the reality is much richer and more varied. Its towns and mountains offer an ideal setting to enjoy sports, culture and relaxation. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends, Cerdanya has something for everyone.

Explore the Routes and Towns of Cerdanya


«The Camí dels Enamorats»: For a relaxing walk, follow the old Puigcerdà irrigation canal and discover the tranquility of this route.

  • «The Hermitage of Bell·lloc»: A walk to the hermitage is a unique experience, write it down on your list of places to discover.
  • Bena and its Neighboring Towns: Explore the picturesque town of Bena and discover the charming towns of Ur and Brangolí along the way.

Snow rackets

If you are looking to enjoy the snow in a unique way, snowshoes are an excellent option. From La Molina, there are numerous routes to explore. Check here for organized options, or rent your own rackets and venture out on your own.

We leave you a useful link with all the details if what you are looking for is something more organized:

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go on your own, you can rent your snowshoes and venture out. In most stations you will find options to enjoy this activity.

Mountain Skiing and Summit Adventures

Immerse yourself in the excitement and beauty of the mountains with one of the most exciting activities: mountain skiing.

La Molina and Masella, offers you courses adapted to different levels to learn and progress in this modality.

Running and Mountain Biking

Running is today the wild card sport and those who practice it take their shoes wherever they go. You are one of them?

La Cerdaña is full of beautiful paths to discover and where you can enjoy nature in all its splendor. Run next to streams, climb small mountains while listening to the soft chirping of birds, enjoy the impressive views and breathe fresh air. You can also plan a route that allows you to discover the beautiful Romanesque towns and their churches, take advantage of the opportunity to do so, it will surprise you!

The truth is that there is a lot to see and whether running or cycling, you will not regret it.

Emotions in the Snow


If you are looking for adrenaline, try snowmobile driving in the Pyrenees. It is an activity that takes place in the middle of nature covered in snow, entering the most beautiful corners of the Pyrenees mountains.

Discover your limits with this experience in the snow!

Dog Sled – Mushing

Live the wonderful experience of Mushing, a dog sleigh ride. Whether in walking or driving mode, enjoy the snow in a unique and exciting way.

Have fun in the snow with a Mushing ride!

Ice skating

Experience the elegance of ice skating at the Puigcerdà Ice Palace. A perfect activity for the whole family.

Adventures from the Heights

Balloon rides

Flying over Cerdaña is one of the most beautiful experiences you can imagine. During the flight you will be able to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the landscape. The majestic mountains will leave you speechless and you will enjoy every minute of the trip.

Plus, if you're lucky, you'll be able to see horses and other animals in the vast fields beneath your feet.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Cerdanya from the air, it is a unique experience!

Relax and Renew Energies

Thermal baths

After a day full of activity, relax in the Llo or Dorres thermal baths. The sulfurous waters of Llo offer a revitalizing experience, while in Dorres, the hot waters are the warmest in the country. A perfect end to an active day!

Llo Baths: They are located on the edge of the Gorges du Segre, near a natural sulfur spring. Being waters rich in sulfur and minerals, you will be able to enjoy immediate relaxation, your muscles will thank you, and you will also feel your skin and hair revitalized.

Dorres Baths: From here you will have an impressive view of the peaks of Puigmal while you enjoy a relaxing bath. The relaxing and revitalizing waters come out at 41º, being the hottest waters in the country.

Don't forget to enjoy this little pleasure and definitely include it in your agenda!

Book Your Stay at the Terminus Hotel in Puigcerdà

Are you ready for an unforgettable ski experience in Cerdanya? Book your stay at the Terminus Hotel and discover the magic of skiing in one of the most exciting destinations in the Pyrenees. We are waiting for you to make your winter getaway an unforgettable experience!

La Cerdanya awaits you with open arms, offering much more than just skiing. Discover, enjoy and create forever memories in this winter wonderland!

Note: Don't forget to check the availability and conditions of the activities before planning your day. Book your stay at the Hotel Terminus in Puigcerdà and make your getaway a complete and comfortable experience, near Puigcerdà station.

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